Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trail Updates

April 2
-A pair of Eastern Phoebes catching flying insects
-Brown Creepers crawling up and down trunks
April 5
-Mourning Cloak butterfly fluttering through the woods
-Hermit Thrush bouncing around on fallen logs
-Wood Frogs calling along Hussong Marsh
-Tree Swallows swooping and diving for insects
-A Cabbage Butterfly fluttering around a patch of blue Scilla; an American Goldfinch singing up above see short clip below

April 8
-Wild Turkey tracks in the snow
-A pair of Sandhill Cranes standing together on a small patch of the trail not covered with snow
-A pair of mature Bald Eagles circling over Hussong Marsh
-A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker circling around a tree trunk
April 12
-A male Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle Warbler) zoomed past and perched on a branch close by
-A pair of Song Sparrows in a small tree along a boardwalk
-An Eastern Comma Butterfly sunning itself along the back fence of the deer yard
-Virginia Bluebells ready to bloom along Hussong Trail
-Trout Lily leaves all over Hussong Woods

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