Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trail Updates
May 4
-Vole impaled on sharp twig by a Shrike
-Nashville Warbler climbing through twigs and singing
-Palm Warblers all over the trails
-Wild Strawberry blossoms
-Blue-gray Gnatcatchers chasing each other
-Beautiful Scarlet Tanager male in Hussong Woods
-Rose-breasted Grosbeak singing in the apple blossoms
-young male Baltimore Oriole singing and bouncing through leaves
April 21
-A pair of Blue-winged Teal on Hussong Marsh
-Hermit Thrush jumping on snags
-Ruby-crowned Kinglet bouncing through branches
-Eastern Phoebe catching insects
-2 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers chasing each other
-Stinging Nettle growing up
April 20
-Cabbage butterflies fluttering
-Ferns coming up in the marsh (fiddleheads)
-Trout Lilies blooming
-Jewelweed leaves peeking out of the forest floor
-Woodchucks out eating, then scurrying to their burrows
-Lesser Scaup diving by the floating boardwalk
-Yellow-rumped Warbler
April 19
-Brown Thrasher bouncing around under the brush
-Blue-gray Gnatcatcher flitting from branch to branch
-Painted Turtle sunning on a log in Hussong Marsh
-Bluebells blooming along the trail
-bumblebee buzzing near the ground
-waterleaf leaves growing in the woods
-mayapple leaves have flower buds nested between them, ready to blossom soon
-violets blooming all along edges of trail
-dragonfly hawking insects on the boardwalk
April 14
-Cedar Waxwings in the trees
-A pair of Wooducks flying across Hussong Marsh
-Dragonflies mating at Whirligig Pond
-Lots of mosquito pupae wriggling in Whirligig Pond
-An Osprey circling overhead-Leopard Frogs calling
-May Apple leaves and buds along Hussong Trail

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  1. Wow! Is it common for a Shrike to impale its prey like that? I saw a Pileated Woodpecker out here in Hobart a couple weeks ago.