Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Bobcat Saga...

Hello everyone! As you read in the Honker, we have a bobcat here with an interesting tale. She was found two years ago as a kitten wandering outside. Someone found her and decided they would care for her. Now residing at the WLS, we do not know if this kitten was in distress or if something had happen to the mother. Whatever the situation was, this bobcat ended up living in a cage in a basement for 2 years.
After some unfortunate circumstances, this scared, thin creature ended up at the Wildlife Sanctuary. We have been trying to make her comfortable, offering new foods and seeing what she wants to eat, and watching her discover new smells and toys. We are hoping after her vet check we can find her a great home with sunshine above her and grass and dirt below her paws.

There are many wild animals, in Wisconsin and around the world, that find themselves in this situation. As desirable as it may seem, wild animals do not make good pets. As you can see by her pictures below, this bobcat looks very cute, sweet, and harmless. Actually, bobcats are quite dangerous. Any wild orphaned or injured animal found should be taken to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator so it may be handled carefully, treated for any ailments, and given a chance to be released back into the wild where it belongs… not kept in a basement and not able to see the sun. Wild animals deserve to have a chance to be wild.

We are hoping for a happy ending for this bobcat. We will keep you posted through our blog. If you ever have any questions about wildlife, if one is in distress, or if you know of one in need of assistance or care, please feel free to call animal care at the Wildlife Sanctuary at 920.391.3685.
Have a great day—and be sure to get outside and enjoy the arrival of spring!

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