Monday, September 2, 2013

"Bullet" the Little Raccoon

In June of 2010 six orphaned raccoons, about 5 weeks old, were brought into the Wildlife Sanctuary. The man who brought them in said their mom was shot and killed. All six of the raccoons were examined, rehydrated and sent home, with one of our trained R-PAWS volunteers. A few days later the rehabber brought one of the male raccoons back to the Wildlife Sanctuary. She was concerned about the raccoon because he had a small, very hard mass in his abdomen. The mass was assumed to be hard stool that hadn’t passed yet. Upon examination of the mass, though, it was discovered to be a small bullet. An entrance wound was also found on the raccoon’s back. The little critter was sent to Gentle Vet Animal Hospital in Green Bay. There he was examined by a veterinarian, had an x-ray taken of his abdomen and had surgery to remove the bullet. Luckily for the little guy, the bullet missed all his major organs! The raccoon was sent back home with the rehabber on strict cage rest. He was given a pain medication and an antibiotic for one week following his surgery. After a speedy recovery, he was able to join his siblings again in their large outdoor cage. In mid-September,Bullet and his siblings were released back into the wild. Without the generous donations and large amount of money raised at our special events, like the Walk for Wildlife, Bullet would not have been able to receive the care he needed to be wild again!

The Walk for Wildlife is a very successful fundraising event for the Wildlife Sanctuary. The money raised from Walk for Wildlife goes to help care for injured and orphaned wildlife that is admitted to the Wildlife Sanctuary’s rehabilitation program. The Sanctuary admitted over 5,000 animals in 2012! Please help out the injured and orphaned wildlife of the area by putting on your walking shoes and “WALKING FOR WILDLIFE”!!!!


  1. Aww. I live in PA and have visited the Sanctuary a few times and LOVE it. I would love to donate, is there any place I can donate online?

  2. Thanks Jessica! If you head to our website,, under events is our Walk for Wildlife page. You can also donate to one of the teams on Huterra, a donation website. All the funds raised at Walk for Wildlife goes directly to help these injured, ill, and orphaned animals! THANK YOU!!