Monday, September 9, 2013

Pelican versus fishing lure

On Friday, September 6, 2013, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources conservation Warden Darren Kuhn rescued an American White Pelican and brought it in to the Wildlife Sanctuary. Upon a closer look, this beautiful bird could not swim, fly, or eat due to an 8 inch musky lure attached to its foot and wing. The barbs on the lure did not allow the lure to be extracted easily. After administering pain medication, our staff helped this pelican by working to remove the lure as efficiently as possible. For an injured animal, the pain of the injury is only half the battle-- the other half is the stress of being held down by the "human predator", even though we are helping this beautiful bird.
The pelican how it first came in

Kayla working with the pelican

the lure

After removing the lure, the pelican was able to walk, hydrate with some water, and eat a hearty meal of smelt. The pelican will need to be kept in captivity as it heals from its wing injuries, but we hope to return it as soon as possible to our lagoons so the pelican may flock up with others on the way to their winter migratory home.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary would like to thank the WDNR, the diligent public that noticed this pelican was in need of help, and all of you for your support so we may help thousands of animals become Wild Again!

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  1. Aww, thanks for all the work you do. After tuition is paid, I will be sending you some money as a donation. I just absolutely love the Sanctuary.